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Weight Mangement

Our weight management program is tailored to the patient individual needs, because the staff at KEWW
believe that each of our patients are unique.

Health Guidelines

  • Plan and meal prep
  • Portion control
  • Must eat all 3 meals (Breakfast, lunch, & dinner)
  • Increase organic food intake
  • Drink at least 64oz (ounces) of water every day
  • Avoid processed food & artificial sweeteners
  • Avoid all forms of alcohol
  • Physical activity 4-5 times a week for 30-45 minutes
  • Make 8 hours of sleep a priority
  • Reduce stress
  • Think of long term health. Not short term


This injection helps to improve your body composition by reducing your body fat and building your lean body mass. It also promotes weight loss by balancing blood sugar and reduces your food cravings. You will find yourself feeling fuller faster, thus leading to you eating less.


This injection promotes weight loss by balancing your blood sugar. It also works on both hunger hormones to reduce your food craving and appetite.

Compounded Phentermine

This is an appetite suppressant increases your thirst. This can promote weight loss by increasing your fluids and reducing the amount of food you take in.


Natural dietary supplements that may help you reduce fat, improve your energy levels, boost metabolism, and limit your appetite.


Lipo-Mino contains a lipotropic blend to help turn fats, carbohydrates, and sugars into energy. This energy is then used to further aid in the process of burning fat. The carnitine in this injection promotes a speedier recovery time and muscle growth. It is also meant to help decrease appetite and increase metabolism.


A non-Surgical procedure designed to burn fat cells and improve cellulite in your area of concern that is resistant to diet and exercise. This fat reduction technique uses micro-injections to target and diminish fat that has became stubborn to diet and exercise.


This is a non-surgical procedure that helps eliminate stubborn fatty deposits and bulges by using cold temperatures. The low temperatures break down the fat cells, while the skin remains unharmed, since fat cells are susceptible to cold temperatures.

Cavitation Slimming Machine

Our weight injections

  • Lipo mino
  • M.I.C.C
  • B12
  • Semaglutide
  • Vitamin D
  • Compound phentermine
     capsules with naltrexone,
    Topamax, phentermine keto.
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“Remember, love your body and your body will love you”

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